Recharge runs a robust blog, publishing multiple posts weekly written by the in-house content team with guest posts from industry experts. The blog advances Recharge as a thought leader in the ecommerce and subscriptions space, and each post is accompanied by a custom header image. Weekly brainstorming meetings produced playful, witty concepts that related to the post title or body content, while remaining relatively simple to read easily. All imagery follows an analog, collage-style art direction set in Recharge brand colors, with gradients and texture to add interest.

Apart from the regular blog, a series of posts ran on Twitter and LinkedIn focusing on various topics and terms in the subscription industry. A theme for these posts—Dive into Recharge—was developed to differentiate them from regular entries. The header images used maritime tropes to illustrate the post concepts and were created with illustrations rather than photography to ensure they took a distinctly different visual style for this featured series.

Topics illustrated: Monthly Recurring Revenue, Lifetime Value, Churn, Orders per Customer

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