Recharge is a leading subscription payments platform helping ecommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings, powering brands such as OatlyNativeTheo Chocolate, Pela, and Billie. Growing quickly from a bootstrapped startup to a leader in the industry, Recharge needed an employer brand to reflect its culture and attract top talent.

Before diving into art direction, the tone of the brand had to be determined—what does it feel like to work at Recharge? After much brainstorming, overall themes of a connected culture, trust, empathy, and individual pieces working together as a whole emerged. Visually, the employer brand needed to be a special, yet familiar extension of Recharge's core brand identity. A variety of intermingling shapes, differing in texture, color, and line evoked the mood and related to the visual language of the core brand, yet wasn't a too-overt theme and could flex to accommodate a variety of applications. A stamp was also developed to add some fun and whimsy to People at Recharge materials and to provide an option for a different mark than the core Recharge brand icon.

A set of guidelines defined best practices around the new brand, including how to use the stamp, the color palette, which was expanded to add some warmer tones, typography, and more, for use both by designers and the People team.

Mood boards pitched to the SVP, People and the People team. Copy was crafted to indicate tone and serve as a model for future content.

Employee handbooks incorporating brand elements for team members in the US, Canada, and across the globe. Layout designed by Emma Overholt.

A spread from a handbook shows the warmth of the extended color palette.

Interviewing guide showing the People at Recharge stamp and flexible shape visual language. 

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