As a payments platform primarily working with smaller ecommerce merchants looking to move upmarket, Recharge regularly publishes thought leadership around best practices and advice on common business decisions to guide its customers towards success. This page dug deep into specifics around building versus buying a subscription platform and the pros and cons of both. The goal was to provide a large volume of information if the viewer wanted to drill down, while also remaining skimmable and providing opportunities to easily navigate to relevant content as the page was intended for different decision maker personas.

The page is divided into digestible sections with interactive cards to show the pros and cons of each avenue, expandable dialog boxes that tie back to the Recharge solution, and features animated stats to add interest to the page. A tethered secondary navigation sidebar provides an option to jump between sections, resolving the issue of a never-ending scroll on a content-rich page.

See this page in its natural habitat to best view its interactivity.

A wireframe determined content hierarchy and flow before moving into hi-fi layout and development.

A one pager hones in on the main point and highlights Recharge's offerings.

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