Alliance PT Case Study Materials + Infographic

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides compassionate, results-centered physical therapy throughout its network of clinics across the US. MedBridge is an industry-leading online education and patient engagement solution that enables healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and optimize care delivery. To continue providing effective care and patient support while accommodating social distancing protocols during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, Alliance launched remote therapy for patients through MedBridge’s Telehealth Virtual Visits solution.

Through this solution, clinicians can remotely care for patients in real time with a HIPAA-compliant method for continuing treatment plans in place of or in addition to in-person visits. Virtual sessions are integrated into the platform in a way that supports normal clinician workflow, making remote care simple and intuitive for both clinicians and patients.

Since partnering with MedBridge, Alliance saw significant improvements in overall cost of care, patient satisfaction, and patient functional improvements. An in-depth look at the challenges Alliance was facing, the solutions MedBridge presented, and results are outlined in a double-sided case study flyer.

A smaller-format snapshot summarizes the improved outcomes resulting from the partnership at a glance.

A study of a hybrid care cohort at Alliance was conducted in which patients used a combination of MedBridge Telehealth Virtual Visits and in-person visits. Through the study, it was found that the hybrid care model was, in fact, incredibly effective—in some cases even more effective than in-person visits alone.

This success was illustrated in an infographic highlighting benchmarks measured, results found, and takeaways for practitioners. Assets borrowing elements of the design ran on Twitter to promote the infographic and results of the study.

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